Scott Serota

President and CEO,
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

President Bill Clinton
42nd  President of the United States

We are pleased to announce President Bill Clinton will join us as a very special guest on Thursday, October 1. This session will feature a moderated conversation with BCBSA President and CEO Scott Serota and President Clinton.

Ask President Clinton

​This is your chance to ask a president! Submit your questions by Friday, August 7, for a chance to have President Clinton answer them during his remarks!



Rob Manfred

Commissioner of Baseball


Have a question for the Commissioner of Baseball? Step up to the plate and ask! Do you want to know…

  • How they are balancing player safety and health concerns with business needs?

  • What are their plans to keep the fans safe?

  • How did the 30 different organizations come to the agreement of 60 games?

  • What they will do in the event of another outbreak?

  • What will the future of baseball in this country look like?

Ask him live during the session with the Q&A feature!


Gain insights into the visions and strategies from Blue Cross and Blue Shield CEOs, and learn how they’re leading initiatives to improve the health of America.

Dan Hilferty

Independence Blue Cross

David Holmberg

President and CEO, Highmark Health

Craig Samitt
President and CEO,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

Tim Vines
President and CEO,
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama

Scott Serota
President and CEO,
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association


Mick Ebeling 

Founder and CEO, Not Impossible Labs

Join us as Mick dives deeper into the fallacy of “Impossible,” the underlying psychological affects it has on an organization, and how to overcome “Impossible” so true innovation can take place.

  • Hear how a team of programmers, artists and inventors identify absurdities and how that influences their innovation approach

  • Get a deeper look into the fallacy of Impossible, and take on the mindset of Why can't you?

  • Discover why doing good is good business

  • Hear about future initiatives tackling like hunger, Parkinson's, memory loss and much, much more

Ask Mick…What is Impossible?

Have a question for the founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs? This is your chance to ask Mick himself! Do you want to know…

  • How he views challenges and his approach to overcoming obstacles?

  • How can we apply his innovation approach to our post-pandemic planning?

  • What can our organizations do to adopt a Not Impossible mindset in healthcare?

  • What are the future challenges in healthcare innovations that we should be focusing on now?

Have your list of questions ready and ask in the live Q&A in his session!

The Care Givers Are Not Alright:
The Crisis of COVID-19 and Unpaid Caregiving

Alex Drane 

Co-Founder and CEO, Rebel Health/ARCHANGELS

Get a unique view of the caregiver landscape from one of the leading authorities on the subject, and hear the data we should all be paying attention to right now.

  • Gain insights on the toll caregiving can take on our mental health and how the pandemic is further exacerbating this impact.

  • Learn how the balance is fraying between managing work and home responsibilities, and what we can do about it. 

  • Hear what caregivers are saying about the impact of caregiving during COVID-19 on work and where they need support.

We must act now. Caregivers cannot wait. Join us and discover what we can do immediately to make an impact and reduce caregiving intensity.

COVID-19 and the Future of Medicine

Dr. Eric Topol 

Founder and Director, Scripps Research Translational Institute, Professor of Molecular Medicine, EVP of Scripps Research

Hear from one of the leading pioneers of individualized genomic medicine:

  • Learn how enhancements in artificial intelligence are changing nearly every facet of the way we interpret data, deliver care and even help prevent and treat COVID-19. 

  • Gain insights on the future of the healthcare industry. 

  • Discover how these technological advancements will help your organization improve care, outcomes and impact costs.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield 2021 Virtual Summit is a program of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, an Association of independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.